• Holbury Lakes – Holbury Lakes Trout Fishery covers 40 acres of Test Valley countryside, and has been described as “the best-kept secret in Hampshire”.
  • Wild Trout Society – A charity dedicated to the conservation of wild trout in Britain and Ireland through the protection and restoration of their habitats.
  • Famous Fishing – We are called Famous Fishing for a reason. The only waters we deal in are the finest trout fly fishing streams in the world, rivers most people never even get to see, let alone fish – the spring fed chalkstreams that are fly fishing’s historic home.
  • FishingSpy – Searchable fishing links directory for anglers all over the world.
  • Flydressing – Salmon flies and Trout flies dressed to order. Handmade – flydressing fishing tackle.
  • CTS Fishing – CTS is an innovative company with a fresh approach to fishing rod design and manufacture, and a tradition of excellence that is recognized worldwide.